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Experrience? Education? It seems to me that the modern CEO mind set is not based in reality. These people that ran this company into the ground are the ones that need to be demonized. They took heavy increases in wages while a company was in trouble. Failed to work with a product that was fast becoming ignored do to the FACT that it has zero nutritious value. Outdated equipment. The list goes on and on. In Minnesota where I am from the production companies were paying $30k in the late 1970s, and they are still doing well. You conservative minded have this ill gotten belief that a CEO desereves the wages and you are terribly wrong. This doesn't have to be the end of these companies, and the different parts can be sold off. I hope a Minnesotan picks up Wonder bread, so it can come the midwest where a company of this kind can be run properly.

Net margins are depressed as the company has to make its interest payments on the sizable debt position. The news of the secondary offering, which is actually just a sell out of current shareholders, makes me even more wary as this marks the second offering in just a couple of months.

"Samsung's marketing is too much focused on projecting an image they aspire to: being innovative and ahead of the pack," said Oh Jung suk, associate professor at the business school of Seoul National University. "They are failing to efficiently bridge the gap between the aspiration and how consumers actually respond to the campaign. It's got to be more aligned."

If you selling to a boutique or specialty store, the buyer might also be the owner. If you calling a department store, find the buyer for the department you be selling to. Be on time for your appointment and dress professionally nothing too outlandish or "artsy" that might detract from your sample designs.

1. Apple: as the globe's most valuable brand the popular logo of an apple missing a bite is worth just under $200 billion. Apple's iPad, iPod, and iPhone products are very popular world wide. In Rochester Hills you can find almost the entire line of Apple products at Best Buy on Rochester Road.